About The Founder

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Meet Our Founder and CEO 

Omorose Natural Products started when our founder and CEO, Katrisha Tinsley, noticed just how badly she had damaged her hair.  Working as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist, Katrisha was teased daily for how her hair fit under the medical bonnet.  As a result, she spent the next 2 years regularly straightening her hair, leaving it with excessive heat damage and her feeling less than beautiful.

Katrisha searched for high quality natural hair products that would help restore the much needed moisture, strength and shine to her hair but found no such products.   She began to research and experiment with various natural ingredients to make her own hair products until she created a combination that worked wonders and she began to see an immediate difference in the overall health of her hair. 

Now that her natural curls were coming back to life, she began to feel much more beautiful and confident.  Wanting other women to share in this new found joy and reap the benefits of using her products, Katrisha became inspired and thus the Omorose Natural Products Hair Care line was born.